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Analytics and artificial intelligence


Aiforsite’s aim is to automate construction related tasks as far as possible. With our Artificial Intelligence for Construction (AIC) technology, you can quickly create reports related to project management and considerably decrease the amount of time you spend on reporting. Aiforsite provides the smart tools that help you to manage site productivity based on facts. You can automate many of site tasks with artificial intelligence and, thus, improve productivity and decision making.

Automatic report examples

  • Completion rate
  • Productivity
  • Concrete drying and strengthening
  • Conditions monitoring such as humidity and temperature
  • Control chart progress
  • Occupational safety
  • Social distancing for COVID-19
  • Ticketing status.

Key Performance Indicator examples

  • Realised versus planned lead time (%)
  • Task’s presence index (PI) = uninterrupted presence / realised duration (%)
  • Presence versus plan (Presence-to-plan, PP) = uninterrupted presence / planned duration (%)
  • Machine’s degree of utilisation (%)
  • Coherence between the logistics and general schedule and the realised schedule (%)
  • Material transfers (time / delivery row)
  • Accuracy of material’s site logistics (%)
  • Material availability for installer (%)
  • Punctuality of materials (%).

Artificial intelligence driven automation examples

  • Unauthorized site visit alarms
  • Blurring people in still and video images to ensure privacy
  • Monitoring personal safety equipment usage
  • Site cleanliness monitoring
  • Automatic calling of material packages and installers to the workstation.


Let artificial intelligence take care of many manual tasks. Deploy our Artificial Intelligence for Construction (AIC) system for production management. Utilise analytics and artificial intelligence effortlessly.