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Guide: Three steps towards better productivity on the construction site

Productivity guide Aiforsite

Productivity is progressively discussed in the construction industry. Productivity does not increase if individual employees do their jobs faster. Productivity does not get better by monitoring the performance of individual workers.

This is not a question of a single contractor, but of the entire construction site – synchronizing the construction of the entire construction site at the same pace. Everyone needs to be doing the right job at the right time. This improves productivity throughout the project.

Getting the whole site done at the same pace may sound like a mega-project. However, digitalisation offers the means to implement it today and move step by step towards the target state.

You can find more of our ideas on how to improve productivity in our recent guide, which tells you e.g.

✅ What and why should be considered in the pre-planning of the project

✅ Why only a real-time snapshot helps stay on schedule

✅ What is real-time productivity analytics.

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