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Tools for better productivity

Improve productivity of construction process

Construction should be a well managed and timed flow of installation workers and previously manufactured materials, and be based on flawless plans for both building and production. Using Aiforsite technology solution and services allows you to solve the productivity problem once and for all. Start increasing your productivity from your next construction project.

Preplanning of production

The technology Aiforsite has developed for making comprehensive and well-defined preplans enables the following

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Real time production management and process waste elimination

During the construction phase the facilities for productive work must be in order, work phase specific plans easily available, previous work phases completed, materials needed for a phase at the workstation, and the conditions must be right for the work to be done. All project stakeholders must be aware of what is being done and when. 

Aiforsite technology brings powerful features for construction:

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Comprehensive preplanning. Put the facilities for productive construction work in order. Keep all project stakeholders up to date about what is happening. Manage project risks with indisputable data.