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Please, find here our contact details in Finland and the United Kingdom.

In the UK

Vassos Chrysostomou

COO, Aiforsite UK Ltd
Puh. +44 7889 6417 12

Tom Woodhead

CXO, Aiforsite UK Ltd
Puh. +44 7871 3578 72

Address Information


Aiforsite Oy

The United Kingdom

Aiforsite UK Ltd

Executive Team

Kari Hirvijärvi

CEO, B.Sc. of Construction Management, MBA

Sami Kalliokoski

Chief Technology Officer, M. Sc

Jerkko Koskinen

Vice President of Services, B.Sc. of Construction Management

Olli Seppänen

Chairman of the Board of Directors, M. Sc. (econ), D. Sc. (tech)

Pyry Virrantaus

COO, M. Sc., MBA

Minna Gustavsson

Finance and Administration Manager