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Next level productivity in construction

Aiforsite is a pioneer in construction productivity thinking and our mission is to improve construction productivity. We respond to the construction industry’s actual needs globally since the industry is looking for new ways to solve the productivity problem.

Our all-in-one solution for improving productivity is based on AI-driven remote monitoring, video, and positioning data technology. The automatic real-time situational snapshot together with productivity analytics helps site managers and project leaders stay on schedule and streamline day-to-day management.

Aiforsite makes construction production processes transparent, remotely monitored and well documented. As the result, the schedule is kept, the right workers and materials are in the right place at the right time, and costs are saved.

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Aiforsite’s international service network

Aiforsite UK Ltd.

Address and contacts:

1 Elmfield Park, London, Outer London BR1 1LU,  United Kingdom

Kari Hirvijärvi
CEO, B.Sc. of Construction Management, MBA
+44 7341 977 706
Vassos Chrysostomou
+44 7889641712


Aiforsite is established in 2016. Our HQ are located in Espoo, Finland and we operate globally. We have great team of almost 30 professionals in construction, artificial intelligence, and software development. We are seeking significant growth in the domestic market in Finland, and we aim at expanding our global business. The company operates responsibly, openly and customer-oriented. Interested in our solutions? If you want to work or partner with us, contact us now.


Kari Hirvijärvi

CEO, B.Sc. of Construction Management, MBA
+358 44 760 0410
kari @

Sami Kalliokoski

Chief Technology Officer, M. Sc
+358 40 5854937
sami @

Jerkko Koskinen

Vice President of Services, B.Sc. of Construction Management
+358 40 6785455
jerkko @

Olli Seppänen

Chairman of the Board of Directors, M. Sc. (econ), D. Sc. (tech)

olli @

Pyry Virrantaus

COO, M. Sc., MBA
+358 40 559 0713
pyry @

Iana Vesa

Marketing Manager
+358 40 509 8832
iana @

Minna Gustavsson

Finance and Administration Manager
+358 400 489 984
minna @


Want to join us and lead the way to next-level productivity in construction? Want to improve the transparency of the industry? Want to shorten project lead times? Contact us so we can talk about the kinds of opportunities we have for you as a partner or an employee.